Wild Arms 4. Only took 27 hours and 40 minutes, counting the ending sequence. It was only $30 at the store so it’s about par for the RPG course as far as value per dollar. The storyline is quite a bit deeper than most Wild Arms games, as is the battle system and puzzles. It’s a refreshing change from the fairly bland battles in Wild Arms 3. The ending is rather a downer though.

What’s next? Dark Cloud 2 is right at the ending still after 82 hours of work. It looks like I’ll need to power the weapons up a bit more to polish the final boss off. (Hard to hit, time limit, hits hard, not always avoidable. Yeah, I need stronger weapons.)

I’m in the final stretch of the first character of Romancing SaGa still as well. If you want value for your dollar, that game has quite the replay value to it. I’m about 23 hours in with one character and there’s 8 characters to finish.

I’m still pushing forward in Grandia 3 and Star Ocean 3 as well. Which one will I go to next? No idea. Maybe I should finish my latest GalCiv2 game first. I’m down to 9 on my PS2 play queue. Quite a few more older games still on the list too. Maybe I should polish off Earthbound or Breath of Fire 3 before making a big push for another PS2 game.

But for now, I guess I’ll see if there’s any episodes of Father of the Pride I’ve not yet watched or maybe polish off all the shareware puzzles of Dinner with Moriarty.

ADHD? What’s that?