I voted for Wayne Allard, and will almost certainly do so again despite certain groups that are trying to derail him. In particular, Time published an article calling him one of the worst senators in the senate…

And calling Dick Durban, Arlan Specter, John McCain, and Ted Kennedy among the best.

If that’s what they call a GOOD senator, then I’m voting for the bad ones, thanks. Especially when your damning takes the form of “Allard, 62, is well liked among his colleagues. He’s polite, affable and willing to take on thankless tasks, such as his current role overseeing the construction of a visitors center on Capitol Hill. A fiscal conservative, he has given back to the federal Treasury unspent money from his office.”

I’d say we would be better off if we had 99 more Wayne Allards in senate, rather than the menagerie of arseholes, liars, egomaniacs, drunkards, and media whores that are on their “best senator” list.