WB is using Bittorrent as a delivery method for selling their movies. It’s about time some studio thought of this. BitTorrent has always been, in my mind, the best way to share legal data quickly without overburdening one individual connection on the net. Almost all of the linux distributions use it for their install cds, for example.

WB uses Bittorrent

On the other hand, the way they’re doing it is basically letting anyone get the file itself, but you have to purchase a DRM key to actually play it. A good idea in theory, but it locks you into yet another proprietary scheme. Want to watch it on an IPOD? a Zodiac? You’re out of luck. Want to toss it over to your MythTV box? Same thing. Want to take it with you on your laptop on the airplane? Who knows, maybe. Without DRM you would be able to do all of those things. With ILLEGAL downloads you can do all of those things. It’s another example of paying for reduced capabilities.