I’ve heard a bit more on the whole Mass. health insurance fiasco.

First, their initial goals: They wanted to eliminate people getting free health care by going to the emergency room. A somewhat admirable goal.

The Republican’s initial plan: Require either health insurance or a 10k bond to show you can pay it yourself, if you get neither then they reduce your tax exemptions. They assist you in paying for health insurance based on your income. The money for the insurance assistance will come by eliminating all free clinic support etc.

The democrat’s additions to the plan: fines of $300 a year if you fail to have coverage regardless of if you utilize the health care system at all or not.

The first is interesting, though very socialistic. The second is just brain-dead on so many levels it’s Schaivoesque.

The main flaw I see with the whole thing is the fact that health insurance is a major cause of higher health care prices.

How about this novel idea? When someone goes to the emergency room without health insurance and doesn’t pay after X time, you fine them the amount they owe the hospital, then give it to the hospital…