They’re nuts there. I think we established that back in 04, but this takes the cake.

Universal health insurance required?

Just… nuts…

Firstly, the current Mass. governor is Mitt Romney, right? If he signs this thing I’ll have to drastically revalue his place in the primaries in a couple years. Anyone who would sign in this abortion of a law doesn’t deserve to be president. Sadly, I suspect our current president qualifies in that category.

Next, there’s this line here…

If you want to drive in this state, you have to buy auto insurance. That’s the law.

If you want to live in this state, you have to buy health insurance.

Should that be the law?

The excuse they use for the first is usually “Driving is a privilege, not a right.”

So, is life now a privilege instead of a right? What ever happened to the declaration of independence anyway?

(Update: Not to mention that their penalties are laughable anyway. $295 a year?? You might be able to pay for half a month of the worst low-grade HMO for a family of 4 for that much. My company keeps having to bump up the deductible and bump back the coverage every year and the price has still been doubling almost every year with their HMO. Really! my deductible was something like $500 and my payment was $60 per month, this year it’s $1000 deductible and $120 a month. Just for me alone! It would have been $250 a month with my wife added in. The problem with price is pure supply and demand, which is made WORSE on the demand side by the existence of *insurance* and made worse on the supply side by ridiculously high cost of medical school, the ridiculously high number of malpractice suits, the ridiculously high cost of malpractice insurance (and the very existence of malpractice insurance,) and the overall headache of being an unappreciated doctor forced to work 70 hours a week and who is right in the cross hairs of the class warfare mentality.)