Something about new DVD formats from business week.

But at least one claim isn’t true.

OPTING OUT. The new content-protection scheme would be the first time customers who have no intention of breaking copyright laws would be penalized because of piracy concerns. Current DVD releases like Batman Begins and Walk The Line include software to prevent unauthorized duplication, but still play normally.

Not true. Customers who have no intention of breaking the law are penalized constantly for piracy concerns. The very copy protection they’re talking about on DVD is one example of penalizing the customer. For the sake of not wanting the dvds to be recordable to VHS, they make it impossible to play on a TV without a AV jack unless you buy a special converter box. You can’t use the converter almost everyone already has, a VHS device, because of piracy concerns. Toss in all of the PC based copy protection on new Audio CDs and you can safely call this line busted.