Review of controllers (Link Dead) which completely misses many of the improvements in Playstation controllers and assigns them to the wrong place. I guess it’s understandable because it’s a nintendo magazine, but it’s almost like the guy has never touched a PS1, dualshock, or dualshock 2 controller in his life. ;)

No change for the PS1 pad from the SNES? My nitpick on that would be the extra 2 triggers.

Pushing in of the analog sticks and rumble feature added in the Dualshock 2? Nope. Both of those were added with the Dualshock 1. The rumble feature was part of why they called it “Dual-Shock” :)

The feature the Dualshock 2 added was pressure sensitive buttons almost all around. Actually, that and the slight weight difference is really the only change from the Dualshock 1.

I guess that’s enough nitpicking for one session. ;)