The whole cartoon muhammed thing keeps getting sillier.

I found this article from ABC (Link Dead) to be interesting, but the point I took issue to was on the last page.

French theologian Sohaib Bencheikh spoke out against the pictures in a column in France Soir accompanying them Wednesday.

“One must find the borders between freedom of expression and freedom to protect the sacred,” he wrote. “Unfortunately, the West has lost its sense of the sacred.”

I believe the freedom he’s talking about is the “Freedom to restrict the liberty and freedoms of others.” as far as I know, this was neither in France’s 3 freedoms nor the 3 inalienable rights that were in the declaration of independence. Life, Liberty, and Property, for france, and Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness for America. In fact, this violates the second in both cases. It’s right up there with the “Freedom to murder” and the “Freedom to steal.”