Adult Swim had one of their little “humor” interludes where they stated they saw another review calling them the “Stoner Block.” They said they were rather high on Surrealism.

I think I have a new word for surrealists.

“Stoners” :)

I mean, they have stuff that is really good. Venture brothers is probably my favorite example of a good well written and well drawn Adult Swim original. It’s really too bad it’s so rare. Robot Chicken is pretty good too.

Aquateen Hunger force is one of the saner shows they have… and that’s saying something. There’s been a series of shows, only counting the ones I’ve actually watched, that have been just entirely out there. (Not in a good, Monty Python sort of way either.) Tom goes to the mayor, 12 oz mouse, Perfect Hair Forever…

And the most recent, Ranger Smith. I’m amazed. What graveyard did they dig Spumco out of to make them do that show? The first two things I thought of, before I actually saw the opening credits, was Chris Crosby and Spumco. I had hoped that that sort of thing would slow down after Cow and Chicken went off the air.

The good news about all of this is that they’ve lowered the bar so much that any of the cartoonists on the web might be able to get a show. Heck. Every comic on Blank Label could easily surpass any of the shows I mentioned in the last two paragraphs. Almost every comic not listed under “Surreal” in keenspot could have the same thing said of them. If they’re hurting enough for shows to the point where they put 12 oz. mouse on the air, they should be knocking down the doors of the independent syndicates on the web.

Really, it reminds me of the episode of South Park, where the #1 show on TV was the close up animals with a wide angle lens. In the end they discover it’s only #1 because almost everyone at school was high on cough medicine. Judging by the ratings lists they flash up periodically, this hasn’t happened yet. Their 3 most popular shows happen to not be among those I mentioned. Maybe that’s a sign that they either need to gravitate more towards the real and away from the surreal to get ratings. That, or find a bunch of nielsens families and get them all stoned. (Of course, they may forget to fill out their little viewing booklet after that…)