I guess it’s telling that the site is called Red Herring (Link Dead)…

Here’s the first quote from the first few paragraphs.

Toshiba plans to introduce two models of HD-DVD players at $500 and $800 a pop, the electronics company announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Contrast that with Pioneer, a Blu-ray backer, which plans to sell its player for $1,800 (see Hi-Def DVD Formats Duel at CES).

Another plus for HD-DVD? It’s likely to beat Blu-ray to the punch. Toshiba’s players are due out during March while Pioneer says its player will hit stores during June.

Then more than half-way down the article…

Blu-ray backer Samsung said it plans to sell its player in the spring for about $1,000 and Sony will come out with two Blu-ray players in the summer but did not reveal the price.

Buried where most people won’t even read it. Not only is the Samsung player cheaper than the one they put up against the Toshiba ones, but it could come out as soon as they do.