The strike in NY has yet again demonstrated some of the failures of government owned or sanctioned monopolies. The people of new york by using these forms of transportation extensively and having little competition to them has opened themselves up to a complete disruption of their entire economy. Privatizing buses and having multiple bus companies that can step in and take up the slack could help out drastically.

Right now those with cars are still OK, and the Cab companies which are diverse and private are taking up the slack for the NY Government’s socialistic incompetence, but they still can’t do everything. They are under-built due to the government’s subsidies for public transportation limiting how effective private transportation can be and how large it can grow.

The same can be seen across many sectors. Space? We’re limited drastically due to the government’s monopoly on this. Every time they screw something up they get skittish and drop our entire country out of manned space travel for a few years.

Education? The fact that the government has subsidized public secular education preventing any significant competition in this sphere. There is religious education that has a significant enough advantage for a small group of religious people to pay for it. The government schools are decaying due to bureaucracy and lack of equivalent secular competition. If they would just setup a voucher program for private secular schools they would start appearing and might jolt the public schools into realizing the errors of their ways.