Has anyone tried either of them? I’m seriously debating buying one or the other of them but can’t decide on which one will have the most suitable programming.

#1: Sirius has 2 Alternative stations, Regular and Classic. XM has 3, Regular, Classic, and Alternative Hits. Advantage: XM.
#2: My wife likes Hair metal. XM has no dedicated hair metal station, while Sirius does. Advantage: Sirius.
#3: XM has a narrower range of political talk stations, but theirs has Glenn Beck. The problem is that I have a subscription to the Glenn Beck program on the internet. Sirius has Jerry Doyle (from Babylon 5) whose program is not available locally on weekdays. I haven’t listened to enough of his program to determine if I’ll like it or not though. Advantage: Probably sirius.
#4: The XM reciever is $20 less than the Sirius’s cheapest one. I’m not sure if I’d want the cheapest though. Maybe it’ll be better if I decide I don’t like it though.
#5: XM has more country stations than Sirius… Advantage: Sirius. ;)
#6: XM has decade stations all the way back to the 40’s. That might be interesting in a pinch… Sirius only has back to the 50’s. XM labels their stations as “x0’s Hits” though, and I frequently prefer some of the more obscure stuff. Sirius’s is listed under “Pop” though so I suspect their playlists aren’t much different. Advantage: Indeterminate.
#7: XM has 7 hiphop/urban/rap stations, sirius has 6. Advantage: Sirius. ;)

It seems to be mostly leaning towards Sirius… 4 vs 2. 2 of those were joke comparisons though. After all, I could just filter out all the country and hiphop stations. The other factor could be that while I was listening to the alternative rock stations of both XM and Sirius (Ethel on XM and Alt Nation on Sirius) The ones from XM just sounded better to me overall. I was only hanging out in walmart for 20 minutes or so though…

If anyone has other ideas that could sway the vote, please leave a comment! Thanks! (Devices that can record streams off so that I can timeshift some of these radio talk things could be one swaying factor.)

I’m so much at a loss that I asked my wife her opinion and she said “Only $13 per month each? Why not get both?”