First, the important bit.

I finished Castlevania DS, finally. I decided to grab the DS off the shelf right before bed last night and ran through the final boss battle. I lost the first time, but managed to get it the second time. Yay!

Second, Joe Lieberman wrote a really good article that really makes a lot of sense. I didn’t want the Iraq war to happen, but for different reasons than most people who opposed it. I opposed it because of how great the cost to our image would be if we cut and run like we have the last few times. I didn’t think Bush would stay in office long enough to see it through and I was sure that people would get tired of it and pull out before the job was done. If this happens, it’s basically OVER for America as a role model, an example of how a republic can operate, and as a world power.

This article from Lieberman touches on the same points. (Link dead)

If he runs for president for the Dem party again, I hope he wins the primaries…