Now read the following two excerpts from the article.

Last December, Google struck a deal with libraries at three American universities - Harvard, Stanford and the University of Michigan, as well as Oxford University and the New York Public Library for Google to make copies of all of the works in those institutions that are no longer protected by copyright .


“By reproducing for itself a copy of those works that are not in the public domain, Google is engaging in massive copyright infringement. It has infringed, and continues to infringe, the electronic rights of the copyright holders of those works,” it said.

Uhh. “No longer protected by copyright” and they’re complaining about infringing copyright. If the works are no longer protected by copyright, how can they be infringing copyrights? The writer of this article really needs to say if there are in fact copyrighted works in the archive. Right now it only mentions public domain works. Most of the other articles on the subject completely leave out the “that are no longer protected by copyright” part. If google is not putting copyrighted works up, then the other articles need to be clearer.