I’ve been reading more and more on the San Andreas thing. The more I read the sillier it gets to me. I’m also finding the complete and utter ignorance of how computers work in the general populace and in the political arena to be staggering. The most annoying part is how a game renowned for criminal activity, violence, drugs, etc is now being made adults only because it has a single hidden sex scene that you have to bypass several code locks to open. You can’t just enter a code like “idkfa” to bring this up. You have to actually use something that jumps over approved code in the program like a patch or a game shark.

Here’s what the sage Michael Z Williamson has to say about our peculiar taboos about sex, but openness about crime.

As they headed home, she asked her friends, “Okay, I’m confused. Crime is a taboo subject, but you can discuss your publicly displayed orgasms? I don’t get it.”

Rob and Mar exchanged glances and thoughtful looks. Finally, he spoke. “Crime is a violation of a person’s self or property. Sex is a matter of human nature, and in this case, art.”

I guess,“ she replied. "Back home, we talk about our attacks and how we managed. Sort of a release, I suppose. It’s also kind of a bragging rights thing or just a story type of thing. Hard to explain. But sex is very private.”

“I think,” said Marta, “that sex in that context reveals too much of your feelings to strangers. It’s a protective measure. The crime is superficial to you, so that’s an okay subject.”

“Which is exactly backwards,” Rob said. “I don’t know how you got into that mindset as a society, but it’s guaranteed to destroy it.”

My wife got me to listen to Linkin park. It’s fairly decent. Out of the 13 tracks there’s 9 songs I can tolerate…