Sony licenses Ageia technology.

All I can say is: Yesssss!

The question is whether they’re planning on putting the entire chip in, or just simulate it with SPEs. Hopefully they’ll do the chip, but this will make the hardware a little more expensive. (perhaps $20-30 extra cost with the proper economies of scale. Sony will probably fab the chip themselves if they do, since Ageia is fabless.)

Edit: Popedung (holy crap) Sony is grabbing up technologies for development left, right, and center.

Sony buys out SN, Makers of a full IDE for PS2 development
Sony enters in a strategic sublicensing agreement for Unreal Engine 3 so they can probably license the engine out cheaper to PS3 developers,
Licenses Havok for character animation and physics. This seems to overlap with Ageia, but they’ll probably have Havok port their system to use the Ageia chip and allow their developers a choice of multiple physics engines.

More extensive info from this it looks like they may not be licensing the hardware chip at all, kind of disappointing.