Reasons not to move to other countries.

Part 2, Australia:

By law, you have to be very, very careful if you have a computer that has any sort of public access on it whatsoever. If some user of that system unbeknownst to you attaches a domain name to your server that promotes piracy, even if it does not host any files yourself, you could get sued and shut down for it. More info here. This means you will need to find some way of searching every domain name out there that might be objectionable and make sure that none of them use your IP address… Quite a lofty challenge.

You also should be extra careful about any website on any of your servers or on your own web pages. If they link to anything that might be illegal, the very act of typing in that link on a page could get you arrested. Website link info

Not to mention the fact that if you copy music off a CD you purchase and then burn it to a remix cd, reburn it without a song you find objectionable or annoying, put it on your own personal ipod, listen to it on your computer, record a tv show that comes on at 4 am to watch the following day and then delete it immediately after, or many other activities that are covered by fair use in america, you could be similarly arrested…

Australia definitely isn’t a place I would want to move.