I grabbed a copy of Breath of Fire 3 the other day. It is a PS1 game that I played long ago but didn’t get very far with. All I remembered was that it was a lot of fun, and that I always felt constrained and claustrophobic in it. It always kind of restricted you to a tiny area of the map.

I still haven’t gotten as far as I was last time yet. I still don’t know if it opens up later or not. Just stumbled into something very interesting though. It appears that BOF3 is going over to PSP. I hope they continue this trend and move more PS1 RPGs over to PSP. I have most of the ones I want to play on my PS1 already, but a few like Suikoden 2, and BOF4 would be really nice to have.

Box Art
This picture shows Nina with wings and both Nina and Ryu older than they are at the point in the game I’m currently playing. I wonder if they progress in age as the game goes along?