I posted before about unfinished games and the like. Here’s an update, not that anyone actually cares. :)

I’ve finished Okage. I’ve gotten to where I consider FF11’s main storyline finished. I’ve given up on Pokemon and Metroid Fusion. I think I’m going to trade them in for credit.

FFXI: RDM64 BLM32 BST31. Kazriri is up to WHM20 and BLM12. That’s about all the progress I’ve made past finishing mission 5-2.

I’ve tossed Front Mission 4 and Arc the Lad 4 onto my stack of unfinished games. I’m 30 hours into Front mission 4 and am on stage 23. I may have to write up some tactical notes in my journal sometime for this game. Concentration of fire, target selection, that sort of thing.