It’s really eating up my time to participate in all these online debates. The truth is the majority of me hates debating and can’t stand online debates in general, but a small portion of me loves it and enjoys it while the rest of me feels like a total arse doing it. I’ve been letting that small portion of my personality dominate my time online for a couple years now and I really need to find a way to shove it back again. Once I get done with my current conversations in my LJ and on the Keenspot forums playing with Bobby Crosby I’m going to try my hardest to not get involved in any more. Maybe I’ll post my observations on current events here though. I’ve already cut down on my FFXI playing and have only played 2 days in the past 14. (I hit lvl 62 Red Mage this weekend though!) A much larger portion of me prefers playing offline RPGs and games to debating online and playing MMORPGs. I haven’t finished an RPG game in months due to the twin evils of MMORPGs and Online Debating.

In other news and in alignment with my desire to play more crpgs, I’ve restarted Okage: Shadow king. It’s kind of like what you would end up with if Tim Burton decided to direct a japanese RPG game. Very twisted. My new avatar is from it. Ari and Evil Shadow King Stan who has possessed Ari’s shadow. It’s been awhile since I changed my Avatar, since it is usually linked to the last game I was deeply engrossed in. FFXI avatars are too bland though, and I certainly didn’t want one of the main characters from FFX-2 as my avatar. Hopefully Ari’s quest will help me exorcise my own personal evil king Stan.

Darn it, I’ve already wasted what little part of this day I had after work on that debate and the discussion with Vorn. I guess I’ll play Okage tomorrow.