When my wife and I were voting for senate last year, we couldn’t really decide so we ended up splitting our votes. Not between Coors and Salazar, but between the Libertarian candidate and Salazar. I’m actually glad that Salazar won despite my Republican-leaning libertarian ideology. He’s show now that he’s not going to bend over for the democrats and he’s going to think independently. I don’t agree with him on every issue, but on several such as the confirmation of the various Bush staffers, the Patriot act (that it needs adjustment) and on social security he seems to be pretty close to right on with what seems logical to me.

(Link no longer findable)

Colorado is a place of such extremes, fairly conservative rural areas, suburban and small urban areas, military academies and nearby cities like Colorado Springs, contrasted with the core urban areas (Denver, Pueblo) which are somewhat liberal and California-migration driven areas such as Aspen, Telluride, and Vail which are extremely liberal. Because of this any politician has to be fairly independent to get enough votes to succeed.

Bravo for Ken Salazar. If he continues this trend I’ll definitely vote for him fully on his next election, and hopefully most of those who voted for Coors will also do so.