I went to the game store again.

Newly acquired games (for me):
Galactic Civilizations: Altarian Prophecy (expansion) $10
The Political Machine $7
Half-Life 1 $20

And my wife asked for:

Smackdown Vs. Raw $50

Altarian Prophecy is a nice addon so far. Although it does make the universe a slightly less friendly place with the addition of one neutral and one very evil race.

Below is a sample of my exploits in Galactic Civilizations

I’m nearing the end of a rather interesting game for a small universe in it. Normally I take the Pacifism with Cultural Conquest route to victory. In this one, the Altarians attacked me near the start of the game, but because I had good relations with everyone but the Dregnin and Korx, 2 other races declared war on the Altarians soon after. At the end I had wiped out most of their fleet and were prepping combat transports when they asked for a peace treaty. I bribed the Yor and Torians to make peace as well and all was right with the galaxy again.

Insert long period of boring peace here.

Nearing the end game, the Torians and Altarians were allied, and the Dregnan and Yor were allied. The two sides were at war with each other. The Korx and Drakes were at war as well. When the Drakes surrendered to the Korx, I decided to take action. Korx had not allied with the dreg and yor, but were also at war with the torians and altarians. I had the most powerful military followed by the Dregnan, so I figured I’d even up the odds a bit (haha, maybe make them uneven in the other direction) and take on the Korx (whom I have no like for at all.)

After taking 2 Korx worlds, a third was falling under my control as well through culture warfare. Shortly after they were down to one world, they surrendered to the Dregnin. (It was the former Drake world too. When will they learn that its better to surrender to GOOD civilizations instead of EVIL ones.)

Dregnin started kicking tail on the Torians and Alties, and they kept crying to me to help them. I had already broken my whole pacifist thing, so I charged over and wiped out most of the dregnin fleet in a few turns. Conquered 1 dregnin world and they surrendered to the Altarians. Then wiped out the Yor.

I’m back into culture conquest mode, moving my TerrorStars loaded with fun goodies towards the former dregnin worlds now owned by the Altarians. I’ll have to post how that all turns out.