After a multi month break, I’m playing that game again. Managed to get to lvl 53 with my RDM the first day back, and finish mission 5-1. Not too bad. I’ve been working my BST up toward lvl 29 this week, and I’m only 800 exp away.

I can’t believe I didn’t try fighting Wights before this with BST. They’re cake with either GlowBats (best), Clippers or pugils… They do beat up on my poor little Bottlebunnies (HareFamiliars) though. I usually only use Bottlebunnies against them as a panic “I can’t find a pet!” cast.

Currently: RDM53/BST28/BLM27/WAR20/THF16/RNG2 All other jobs 1. (Yes, I have them all.)