It’s 4 am…
I managed a successful test of the GPS speedometer, after an unsuccessful test earlier yesterday. The recieve buffer was too small…

Figured out that the speed in Knots was one thing already provided in one of the gps strings, cut out a bunch of my own speed code that way.

Figured out how to combine the GSA and GGA sentances to get fix level and satellite count easily. I’m using these to make a nice little bar graph like you see on cell phones.
1 bar: No fix.
2 bar: 2d fix
3 bar: 3d fix
4 bar: 3d fix with 5 satellites
5 bar: 3d fix with 6 sats
6 bar: 3d fix with 7 sats or more. (max 12)

Gotta see if all this will work when I get up…