Since no one seems to care about my projects on IRC, I figured I’d post them to my LJ so no one can care about them here too! :)

OMP Progress:

This weekend I managed to get quite a bit going. I ordered my GPS box and found the pin-outs in the taiwanese documentation. It’s TTL level, so I’m going to need an interface board.

Once I figured that out I also ordered the keypad, external USB hd enclosure, and a cable that can plug into the GPS. After that I started working on the power supply.

I have the PSU in the enclosure now as well, with the wildcat board in on top of it on little plastic sheets and cardboard keeping them apart. Pictures of the enclosure at various phases are (no longer available because freezope is gone…)

Did some coding on the new display, created 3 virtual screens in code for segments of the display. One for icons and logos, one for the speedometer reading, and one for text and bar graphs. Can’t wait for the GPS to get here so I can start implementing the Speedometer readings. :)