Yay. I have nothing to say.

Well, I guess the Zodiac has been pretty good, aside from the 2 games I’ve purchased being fairly slow. I guess that’s to be expected with Launch titles.

Not only that, but the Zodiac2 is a launch system unlike most the US has seen. Typically we get fairly good launch titles due to the system being out in japan for as much as 6 months before we end up with it. Zodiac’s being released here first.

Don’t buy Interstellar Flames though, Horribly slow. I’d wait on Galactic Realms until they get the FPS up on it. I’m rather interested in the Green Myste though, I wonder how good it is?

In FFXI I started 2 new characters, mainly as Material collectors for crafting. I am using them to finish the foreign missions as well though. My main character is up to….
War 20/RDM 20/BLM 15/THF 11

Attention deficit disorder? What’s that?