Yay, it’s 2004. I’m not sure it matters, but last January I had dubbed 2003 to be the “year from he**” Here’s hoping 2004 will be kinder. (2003 improved as time went on, say, about april 2003…)

One of the companies I work for gave me a nice present, a Zodiac 2, for christmas, although due to shipping delays they didn’t get it until the end of the year. It looks great, and the sound is amazing on it.

I bought Interstellar flames for it. It’s tolerable, but a little on the low framerate side. Stunt car extreme is also low on the framerates, but faster and with better video quality. They’re worthy launch titles, I’m hoping Neverwinter Nights will be better though. Acid solitaire is rather fun, for a solitaire game.

I am also thinking of porting Everett Kaser software’s game engine to Zodiac. I would love to have sherlock and Honeycomb Hotel on a portable unit (without buying a bloody PocketPC.)