Well, I’ve been waiting for R&C2 for months. Nov 11th… It finally came…
Yet, I do not have the game. Why? Software Etc, my local branch of gamestop/electronic boutique. I made a special trip out during my lunch break today. They first said “We don’t have it yet.” When I asked further, they looked it up on their computer and said that it was in the back in a box still. I asked if they could get it out for me and they stated “No. We’ll open the box tonight and call you about it, then you can pick it up tomorrow.”

ARGH! I preordered AND prepaid that game, and both insomniac’s site http://www.insomniacgames.com/games/ratchet-clank-series/ratchet-clank-going-commando/ and their own release book says it’ll be released today, but I can’t get it because they’re too lazy to open up a box.

I guess I’m going to be looking around town tonight to see if any of the local stores have it, then asking for a refund on R&C2 and FFX-2, and taking my money elsewhere.

I’m pretty sure it was the manager who refused to open the box up too. I wonder what would have happened if they pulled this stunt with a game more than a few people were waiting for, like FFX-2.