Another game polished off, this one not long after I bought it. It helped that it was only about a 11 hour game. It has a Hard mode which I’m not sure if I’ll try and finish.

All in all, despite how ancient the game is, it was fun. I paid all of $10 for it, and managed 11 hours. About par for rpg games I buy. (90 cents per hour. And it was on Trade-in too. I’ll probably stick it in my 200-cd case, because I doubt i’d get more than $2 in trade-in on it.)

I’m looking forward to buying MML2 and Tron Bonne on my next paycheck.

R&C2 comes out in only 2 days… I’m sure I’ll be MIA for a few weeks here with it and FFX-2 coming out within a week of each other…

In other news, I can’t believe I forgot about the diplomacy map again. I’m wondering if I should give up on the weekly diplomacy and only host the one-day games. Ah well. I just don’t have the discipline anymore to run the game. It was fun for awhile, but now I’m down to something like, 2 original players. The rest have been replaced as many as 2 times. Pfeh.

Anyone reading this have any opinions on FF11? I’m calculating that if I play it 8 hours a week for the first two months, and at least 4 hours a week after that, I’ll be paying a low enough amount on the game for my average. (I try not to spend more than a dollar per hour of game playing… FF11 is $50 + $13 per month after the first one.)

I’m hoping to post cost analysis of various games on my website when I actually find some motivation.