I bought FFX over a year ago. I had it darn near close to finished (although I didn’t know it at the time) and was at the final “serious” boss. (there’s two non-serious bosses afterward that there is just no possible way to lose on, like the final battle in FFVII)

I lost my memory card. I had about 68 hours in the game at the time.

(Not only that, but my Dark Cloud 1 game was on there.)

I found the card about a month ago. YAY! So after slacking for awhile, I decided to try and make a run at the boss once more. It took 3 times actually. :( The first time I was slaughtered at the very start of the second form. The second time I lost a character to stone/break within the first few attacks and gave up.

The final time, I managed to avoid getting hit with the overdrive attack, and barely squeaked out a win against him. After that it was smooth sailing.

So I’ve finished FFX just a month shy of the FFX-2 release. Yay. Although, the ending was a very good place to finish the storyline. I don’t really think it needs a -2 revision. Ah well.

Also, unlike several past FF games, I really have no desire to play this one again. The battle system, while enjoyable and very strategic, was also rather tedious. Also, the Sphere grid. While interesting and also rather fun the first time… becomes tedious fast. It could be the fact that I just finished it, but I now have no desire whatsoever to play FFX again. They say FFX-2 has a completely different system, so maybe it’ll be enjoyable.

Meanwhile, I’m really looking forward to a PS2 re-release of FFVII, which in my opinion is one of the 2-3 best RPGs of all time. :) Can’t wait to try it out with improved graphics.