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I've been really slacking on my game completion list here. #21 Bayonetta, #22 Ristar #23 Shadow Dancer #24 Dynamite Headdy #25 Shinobi III #26 Marvel's Spiderman #27 Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden #28 Sonic the Hedgehog #29 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 #30 Linelight #31 Sonic 3D Blast #32 Space Harrier II #33 Sonic Spinball #34 Super Thunder Blade #35 Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility #36 Revenge of Shinobi #37 Vectorman #38 Vectorman 2.

Forth is one of those projects that I find endlessly fascinating even if I'll never really use it much myself. Others are Lisp and the entire Oberon ecosystem.

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So I wrote a Forth explainer if any of y'all were interested in that blog.information-superhighway.

I also, uh, started a blog I guess?
You can follow it at @jeremy if you want.

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Federating with Pleroma is like the scene in Spaceballs: "Fuck! Even in the future nothing works!"
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So today I published a new article about using web feeds and RSS in particular.

TL;DR: I use Nextcloud News to organize my feeds and create a very personal news mix that fits my taste. Besides that it allows me to drop lots of newsletters and I even do release management with it.

#RSS #webfeeds #article #blog #Nextcloud #news

Maybe I should replace untagged requests with img tags for hitchhiker's guide logos, and everything that looks like an image with a hitchhiker's guide logo png, just so I can see everywhere that these trackers would end up.

There's some things that if you basically block them without giving them a response, it basically just hangs the webpage loading until it times out, whereas an empty response with a 200 will just allow them to continue loading correctly. That may be a saner way to block the omnipresent google tracking.

On the going off the big 5 thing, the file sharing part is easy if you're at all tech savvy. Bittorrent, or self hosting on Linode, Digital Ocean, or Prgmr, and also self-hosting with nextcloud. Blocking AWS and Google Cloud breaks a huge chunk of the net though. I wonder how they're doing the block though. When I was trying to speed up my web page loading by blocking some tracking services, I redirected their requests to my own web server that responded to everything with just an empty response

I'm not impressed by the graphite thermal pad I'm trying out here, but it could just be that I went to a smaller case and downgraded my heat sink when I installed it. Will have to pick up some more fans, and see how it works with those, then install some NT-H2 compound and see if that drops the temperature at all compared to this pad. It's been mostly sitting at 69 degrees in the middle of winter, and I like my stuff a little cooler than that.

And #19, Diablo 3, #20 Kid Chameleon. I think that's the most games I've finished in January ever.

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I'm doing some test driving of the new #FNA Game At the Gates at right now.


#16 Gain Ground, #17 Color Zen, #18 Gunstar Heroes. Still playing a lot of switch games.

Also, #15, Xenoblade Chronicles X, deserving of its own separate post because it took 108 hours to finish.

More game tracking, I'm a couple weeks behind. #3 Alien Storm, #4 Streets of Rage 2, #5 Virtua Fighter 2, #6 Streets of Rage 3, #7 Alex Kidd and the Enchanted Castle, #8 Alien Soldier, #9 Bio-Hazard Battle, #10 Bonanza Bros, #11 Comix Zone, #12 Crack Down, #13 Decap Attack, #14 Fatal Labyrinth. I've been on a bit of a Sega Genesis kick lately.

Upgraded to Mastodon 2.7. More hassle than I expected because of systemd flakiness though.

2019 games, #1 One Piece Mansion, #2 Toejam and Earl Panic on Funkotron.

Oops, I haven't been keeping up on my game tracking here. #94: Tokyo Mirage Sessions, #95 Golden Axe II, #96 Streets of Rage, #97 Flicky, #98 Golden Axe III, #99, Suikoden 5. My second highest number of finished games in a year, only 1 short of last year. Probably blame Suikoden for that, took 82 hours to finish.

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