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Game #90 for 2018, World of Final Fantasy, final time 62:29:42

@deshipu Code Escrow for Copyrights then? Of course, they wouldn't become open source for almost a century with the current insane copyright regime.

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@eevee Twitter got a lot better for me when I unfollowed everyone that I didn't know personally. Of course, at this point it's just a way to dump images off my various closed platforms. I'm not sure I'd want to do this all the time with a connection because it would slow down connection times, but if you have a way to know that you're using a lot of server resources already, possibly due to a flood, then it could be useful to automatically turn this on in those instances. Of course, maybe you could defeat it by sending two connection packets from every client...

@akpoff It doesn't have to agree though with the hostname on the mail though, right? Else it would prevent companies that host the domains of others. I suppose most ISPs don't bother with the forward lookup of their customer's ip addresses.

Was going to share the spotify wrapped thing, but unfortunately their link doesn't seem to work properly to show my data. I guess I'll just copy some pictures in instead. 13479 total minutes, with 148% more non-mainstream than average, and for my top 5's.

I've created my own instance. Lets see how long this lasts. :)

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