@fribbledom Those are antibody tests. You can do them at home, but they're not yet approved by the FDA for use in the US yet. They don't test if you have it but haven't started producing antibodies yet, so they lag a tiny bit behind the lab tests that the US is using. Of course, it's alibaba so it could be counterfeit as well.


@fribbledom Also, they're aggressively using medications that they haven't done a double blind trial on yet, including hydroxychloroquine and some HIV antivirals, so that could be driving their serious and death rates down.

@AnonymousMe Larry Correia posted "(worst case scenario, you should all go stock up on Larry Correia novels. I recommend the mass market paperbacks for softness. And no, I’m not offended, I get royalties either way! It’s a win/win)"

@fribbledom If you look at South Korea, the place doing the most testing on their population and catching more mild cases, the rate is closer to 0.7%. That's still a massive number though.

@deshipu Eventually we'll be down to a 0 day workweek, because we have no days left in a week at all.

@fribbledom Same here, darn cold for almost 2 weeks now. Hope yours is shorter.

@fribbledom No Novell Dos, but I did run Novell Personal Netware for a year or so, with my 10base-2 network.

@fribbledom I previously used AtariDos, Dos, Desqview, and Slackware Linux before moving to OS/2 finally, but it was the best OS for several years there.

@pro Makes sense, probably better to avoid unnecessary travel for now, maybe move the trip back several months.

Battleborn is completely broken on PS4, and they haven't even taken the servers down yet. I've completed episode 2 about 5 times, but it doesn't record the completion. I thought after giving it a month they might fix it, but it's still utterly broken.

(That doesn't even include the fact that they're different form-factor of cars, and the base model of the same form factor is even $4000 cheaper than the midsize.)

The electric company sent me an email about electric cars. They compared a midsized car vs an econobox electric. It didn't break even until 2 years... Then I looked closer and found that they had used a nearly base model electric price, vs a much more specced out midsized car. The price difference was about $9500 over the standard price on the midsized car, for a total difference of $12000 instead of $3000. Even their 5-year projection doesn't show you saving that much with the electric.

@cstrotm also, Vulkan has a similar idea called SPIR-V. There's platforms that shut Vulkan out though, like Apple's platforms.

@cstrotm That's a minor regression though, Not to mention that most applications on Dos still had installers anyway. It was pretty rare to find one that was a single file with no overlays or data files.

@cstrotm This makes perfect sense to Apple or MS, since they make it easy to just develop on their platform whichever GPU. Makes less sense when you get to the whole stack level, because now you're stacking abstractions on abstractions. Os abstracts the cards, then the engine abstracts the abstraction layers.

@cstrotm Yes, but each OS vendor decided to make their own. So on Windows, hlsl is to allow all apps to use whatever graphics card on windows. On Mac, Metal is for allowing apps to use whatever graphics card. on Linux, GLSL allows you to use whichever graphics card. But you then to achieve compatibility to each would need to implement each of those separately. If you didn't have those, then you would need to implement Nvidia, AMD, and Intel's languages directly.

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