@cstrotm The most disappointed I've ever been between my expectations of a piece of content and the reality that it delivers was an anime called Popotan, which promised me a Japanese version of Doctor Who in the description, but delivered something completely vapid. This video is a close second.

@burek First answer: It depends on which one the mother is, and which one the father is. Other answer: Autism?

Every once in awhile I go digging around my memory for comics that I used to follow, but don't have in my RSS anymore. Today's one I dredged up was this one: wingsofchange.comicgenesis.com which went on Hiatus in 2007ish and never returned.

@cstrotm Yeah, the devs of Minecraft just screwed up and made it not work with IPv6, even though it was fully supported by the OS and language. When you have users connecting in, you don't want to have them following elaborate steps to connect to your server, but that may end up being what you have to do whenever IPv4 finally goes away, if they haven't fixed it by then. Luckily that's my only v4 only service!

@cstrotm I run a Minecraft Java server, and Minecraft Java, as of the last time I looked, didn't support IPv6, so I would be affected at least a bit.

Enjoyed watching them wander around California looking for authentic chinese food. youtu.be/tzRTlnx0MCc

twitter.com/Scobleizer/statuse << An old tweet. This also explains why Microsoft refuses to put exfat on linux themselves. They're trying to make sure they can still sue people for using exfat on linux at some point in the future.

@burek Heh. I guess I'm addicted to portable game systems and not phones, I don't pull my phone out when I'm bored somewhere, I pull out the Vita or Switch.

@union Part of why they're able to do things like that is because they care not one bit about their citizens. Who cares if you work them to death, then drop the lower stage on their house after launching it, spewing toxic fumes.

More just what the randomizer pulled up when I put thins on shuffle.

@burek wow, more 166% more expensive on an already very expensive phone.

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③ today i bring you: an interactive visualization of the six trig functions, which imo makes them make way more sense than basically anything i've seen c.eev.ee/viz/trig-functions.ht

@deshipu I have done things like that in unit tests before, when I have a list of objects and I need to do something on just a few of them by string, but they're not already in a hash table... I would never do it in the production code though.

@deshipu That could be a possibility, if someone came from a language that did "foreach" style only.

@burek Hah. Yeah, my PBP doesn't have the same quality trackpad as a macbook, but who cares, I hate trackpads and just use a bluetooth mouse anyway.

@deshipu Perhaps it started as a state machine, but they figured out that it's always going through the states linearly and never hopping around between them. Though, there's really nothing preventing you from hopping to a different state in that code, the default is just to go to the next one after each state is run. Then someone took it and applied it to a different problem without realizing what it was originally.

@avia I'd support that, or another account for space stuff. :)

@burek Better to give the kids Vita, Switch, 3DS, or emulation units than a phone or tablet.

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