Actually, I wonder if I could do this. I"ll have to ask my postal delivery person if he would still deliver mail to my house if it said apartment 7855555 or something, then give a random apartment number to every company. :)

@eevee DiscoverCard used to do this, but they dropped it years ago. :(

@eevee It's too bad you can't have multiple physical addresses and give a different one out to each company you deal with like you can with email addresses. It would make it easier to tell who is selling your information.

@zaitcev I don't know if all of these are Myth supported, but here's various tuner/pvr solutions.

@zaitcev Myth's still around, though the releases have slowed down. (Last stable one was 11 months ago.) There's modern TV tuner boxes that are standalone and network connected, so you can just log into them and watch digital ATSC OTA tv, and I think Myth supports recording TV from those as well. That's what I did back in 2006-2010ish, but then I basically dropped cable and stopped watching OTA entirely. I just have consoles hooked to monitors by HDMI, and use Streaming services now.

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Key takeaways from this incident are:

1/ Use unique email addresses with each organisation you share data with
2/ Don't share accurate information unless absolutely necessary
3/ Although my password was not breached, unique passwords are vital
4/ If you need to share a phone number, consider a second SIM and dual SIM phone or consider a service like mysudo
5/ Sign up to Troy Hunt's HIBP
6/ Exercise your rights under privacy legislation and complain when they are not upheld

@zaitcev I think I'll end up getting an off brand Naxa TV if I buy one at all this year.

@zaitcev Though, it's hard to find dumb tvs anymore on BestBuy at least. there's a reasonable number of 1080p ones mostly store-brand models, but 4k ones are very scarce. 1 $550 Samsung one, and a moderate number of super expensive Magnolia ones.

@zaitcev I mostly just use my computer's monitors instead of a TV.

@zaitcev Yeah, the __repr__() should be a bit more useful on the zip object.

@zaitcev I've seen that before, it's lazy evaluation, but the way it's being accessed by the logger isn't forcing it to be evaluated. You can force it to evaluate with list() on that object.

@zaitcev The last 4 months decimated my 401k. (Reduced by 10%. :)

2019 games, #1 One Piece Mansion, #2 Toejam and Earl Panic on Funkotron.

Oops, I haven't been keeping up on my game tracking here. #94: Tokyo Mirage Sessions, #95 Golden Axe II, #96 Streets of Rage, #97 Flicky, #98 Golden Axe III, #99, Suikoden 5. My second highest number of finished games in a year, only 1 short of last year. Probably blame Suikoden for that, took 82 hours to finish.

I'm finding this similar news a little distressing since I haven't had as good of experience on my 2 ZOL systems as my 1 ZFS FreeBSD system. It may be that I'm using the latter as just a file server, while trying to do work straight on the ZOL systems. My Linux btrfs file system from before was also just fine. @zaitcev

@eevee I suppose that's a market for someone to move in with an open source alternative then? The trouble is getting most tumblr users to pay to host something like that.

@zaitcev BTW, I think that Conception TV show was originally a (pretty lousy) game series.

Game #93 for 2018: Toejam and Earl. First time playing through it. about 4 hours to finish.

Game #92 for 2018, Super Mario Brothers 2. I'm pretty sure I never beat this game without a game genie back when I had it in the 80's, now I have.

@eevee Hey, welcome to Colorado. Hope you like it here.

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