@deshipu @kelly_clowers In any case, in addition to it just taking me forever to pick a favorite, there's fields like Philosophy where I don't feel qualified to pick a favorite. When you've done a deep-dive on less than a half dozen philosophers... I feel a lot more qualified in the gaming arena, having finished nearly 1000 games.

@deshipu @kelly_clowers Elizabeth Anscombe doesn't come to mind when you think about philosophers, probably because it's the ones that are much more firebrand-y and have views that a lot of people object to that show up in the popular culture more.

@deshipu @kelly_clowers Rand's probably the closest to a favorite because even though I don't agree with most of her work, I find it less objectionable than most philosophers I've read up on. Heidegger, Nietzsche, Marx, all really awful all around.

@deshipu @kelly_clowers There's also the one who is on the Philosopher's comic all the time, but I don't particularly like her views either. Heck, I can't name a favorite philosopher at all since most of the ones I know are more the target of ire than favorites.

@deshipu @kelly_clowers Well, in that case, Yoko Kanno for composer, Ayn Rand for philosopher, Kim Shattuck for photographer (I really don't know the name of anyone at all that is specifically a photographer though, Kim I know for other reasons and she's also a photographer.) Paula Deen for cook. I don't know the names of any technical writers at all, nor fashion designers. (I don't follow fashion, and technical writer isn't something you become well known for.)

@deshipu (I generally have to deliberate for hours when trying to answer what my favorite of anything is... so I usually don't bother forming opinions about favorites in most arenas.)

@roxy Interesting. Reminds me of the people who were sharing a gmail account and sending their hidden messages by saving them as drafts so the other person could login and read them.

@deshipu I honestly don't have a "favorite" of any of those of any gender. I suppose my favorite writer of Playstation first party games made by Naughty Dog would be Amy Hennig though.

I'm amused when I see people listing their pronouns. It makes me want to put something completely untypeable and unpronounceable as pronouns, but honestly I don't care at all. I don't have enough space leftover in my brain to care about that most of the time. Ĝi, Li, Ŝi, Ili, Vi He, She, It, They, Y'all, whatever. The place where pronouns are genuinely useful is also the place where you're least likely to have their specific pronoun in your pronoun chart anyway. When you don't know their name.

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A few more games finished, #41 MHRD, #42 Bayonetta 2, #43 Lazy Galaxy.

zdnet.com/article/what-linus-t So, the people deploy to servers what they use at home. The interesting thing about this is that I'm seeing more and more people playing with ARM systems at home, and we're starting to get higher end ARM laptops as well, like the Pinebook Pro. Will that trend continue or will we start seeing people dabbling in RISC-V home computers first, and then have it push upward into clouds.

@pro Of course, the one I'm using is written in Ruby, which that book directly references.

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#40: Time Mysteries 3: The Final Enigma. I finished 3 games in less than 24 hours.

I've been really slacking on my game completion list here. #21 Bayonetta, #22 Ristar #23 Shadow Dancer #24 Dynamite Headdy #25 Shinobi III #26 Marvel's Spiderman #27 Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden #28 Sonic the Hedgehog #29 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 #30 Linelight #31 Sonic 3D Blast #32 Space Harrier II #33 Sonic Spinball #34 Super Thunder Blade #35 Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility #36 Revenge of Shinobi #37 Vectorman #38 Vectorman 2.

Forth is one of those projects that I find endlessly fascinating even if I'll never really use it much myself. Others are Lisp and the entire Oberon ecosystem.

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So I wrote a Forth explainer if any of y'all were interested in that blog.information-superhighway.

I also, uh, started a blog I guess?
You can follow it at @jeremy if you want.

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