I think I'm going to close this instance down soon. I'm now over at @kazriko now. Maybe I can reuse this vps for something more fun.

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Just as 1984 was not meant to be a Howto guide, no matter how much the political correctness crowd wants it to be, http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/30142 Little Brother is also not meant to be a howto guide, no matter how much the DHS is trying to make it one in Portland.

@deshipu It would need to be a function passed in for that to work.

@deshipu It's my own instance that I'm replying from now, so you probably didn't get it because nobody at your instance follows mine. Interesting to know that it doesn't pull through things I reply to though.

@deshipu You might find this one interesting, discussion of marketing.

"Red Bull Is Disgusting. And It Perfectly Captures Why Capitalism Is So Great." youtu.be/uX9SJSxO5WE

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https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/3933777 Lots of people were experimenting with leaving comments on YouTube containing "共匪", and this time it appears to work - unlike a number of these viral reports - and the comment gets deleted in less than a minute.
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The Ace Attorney series is just a Japanese retelling of My Cousin Vinny send toot

@rimugu Do they have these charts by the actual death or onset date? I've found that this sometimes changes the graphs quite a lot when you're getting spikes from a lot of tests coming in all at once.

@deshipu Well, then the question to ask is why deception and deceptive practices in marketing is legal? I imagine the answer there is determining truth is very expensive to do in the legal system, so the gears of working that stuff out is left more to the private sector, and things like feedback, reviews, and the like.

@deshipu I can't see a single definition in merriam-webster that would involve deceiving people being a necessary part of it being called marketing.

@deshipu "1b : the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service" Merriam-Webster. What I'm describing would be promoting a product. You get the information about the product to the people as a means of letting people know that you have something to be purchased. Of course, they also include the act of selling and distributing it, which are also necessary acts if you have a product that you are producing and want others to purchase.

@deshipu And the method for distributing the documentation to people who wouldn't know to look for it? I believe that's called Marketing.

Darn, I've had a bag of Ultimate Albanese gummy bears in my shelf for over a month. Apparently the shelf life of those isn't particularly long. I'll have to remember to use them sooner next time. (They're better than the normal ones, but I've kept the normal ones on the shelf for 2-3 months before.)

@deshipu You asked why it was legal. It's legal because otherwise nobody would be able to find what they could use. That a useful tool can be misused doesn't mean it should be outlawed.

@deshipu That is something that is an addon. It is necessary because the customers do not know about the product and what it can be used for. It can be extended to misinform as well.

@deshipu Because knowledge is finite. If you knew every potential solution to your problem on the market instantly without having to search for them, and the pros and cons of every solution, then marketing would not be necessary. But we don't have that knowledge, so the people producing the products need some way to let people know the pros and cons of their product, and to make them aware of the product.

@lunduke Darn, and here I was about to login and ask if you wanted a Tungsten C that I found in the garage. ;) I guess I'll have to ask here Fedeversely on teh Mastodons.

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