@deshipu Well, I found fewer than that when I searched digikey. 6mmx6mm outlines have 5.1mm height and 7.0mm height, and nothing between.

of course, even the groups that have real posts seem to have spammy postings outnumbering them...

Anyone who's wanting to backup a Yahoo Groups group, github.com/hrenfroe/yahoo-grou This fork of the script works, but it's very slow.

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I just heard a documentary youtuber refer to 1995 as “the late nineteen-hundreds”, and I felt another old.

@lunduke PalmOS? Of course, that was because the only way to switch tasks in it was to just launch the program again.

@deshipu Not quite to that level, but I definitely keep my phone and handheld game console separate. That's the thing that I do that drains the most battery from devices. I also carry a 20AH battery in my backpack, and two laptops. (One fast draining and massive, one slow draining and tiny.)

Looks like I should be getting my Pinebook Pro sometime soon. Still waiting on word from DHL though.

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A (special) mid-month update. All batch 1 #Pinebookpro shipped + batch 2 & 3 assembly started; #PineTime dev kits shipped; #PinePhone dev kits antenna tuning finished & shipping soon. Thank you for your patience!

@deshipu I think I get motivated more by getting a project into a workable state than starting a new one though. Was quite happy when I got to the point where my Amiga 1200 raspberry pi 4 system was working, even though it needs a lot more parts to be 100% complete.

@union I've said before, that pronouns for others on internet sites are largely useless. Just use a person's name instead when speaking about an individual. I already imagine that everyone I'm talking to on the internet is just a dog, pounding away at the keyboard with dog-paws.

@deshipu Ugh. I do that sometimes. I think I need to take a list of my current projects, and instead of starting a new one when I'm feeling motivated, pull one of the existing ones off the shelf and work on it.

@deshipu I would wonder about how hard it would be to keep sufficient pressure on the front with just your thumbs not being on the screen so that you can actually press the keys on the back.

nme.com/news/music/kim-shattuc The band that basically defined my music tastes in college. A bunch of the bands I listen to I found through them, or were influenced by them.

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@Stainless Leftists do not have a fixation on any kind of guns. They just want to slice gun owners like a salami and ban each slice in turn until nothing is left.. That is why they invented the "assault gun": it's a meaningless classification designed to facilitate bans. Once "assault guns" are banned, they come to ban everything else: guns that have too many rounds in their magazines, guns that are too powerful, guns that are concealable, and so on and so forth until so few guns remain, and they are so useless, that it is feasible to ban them altogether. No leftist actually cares about crime rate, the crime rate does not get into this calculation at all.

@PINE64 That's cool. I especially like the multiday battery life. I still use my Pebble Time Steel watch because of the near week-long battery life of the thing.

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