@deshipu Because knowledge is finite. If you knew every potential solution to your problem on the market instantly without having to search for them, and the pros and cons of every solution, then marketing would not be necessary. But we don't have that knowledge, so the people producing the products need some way to let people know the pros and cons of their product, and to make them aware of the product.

@kazriko You say it as if marketing was for disseminating truth, and not for manipulating the market in order to get it to favor your business.

@deshipu You asked why it was legal. It's legal because otherwise nobody would be able to find what they could use. That a useful tool can be misused doesn't mean it should be outlawed.

@kazriko Documentation is not marketing, it's part of the product. A product without documentation is simply incomplete.


@deshipu And the method for distributing the documentation to people who wouldn't know to look for it? I believe that's called Marketing.

@kazriko Well, Wikipedia, Merriam-Webster and Britannica all disagree, but fine.

@deshipu "1b : the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service" Merriam-Webster. What I'm describing would be promoting a product. You get the information about the product to the people as a means of letting people know that you have something to be purchased. Of course, they also include the act of selling and distributing it, which are also necessary acts if you have a product that you are producing and want others to purchase.

@deshipu I can't see a single definition in merriam-webster that would involve deceiving people being a necessary part of it being called marketing.

@kazriko You are completely right, it's hidden behind euphemisms like "managing relationships". But yes, it doesn't *have* to be deceptive, it's just the most efficient way of doing it, so it dominates. And I wonder why it's legal.

@deshipu Well, then the question to ask is why deception and deceptive practices in marketing is legal? I imagine the answer there is determining truth is very expensive to do in the legal system, so the gears of working that stuff out is left more to the private sector, and things like feedback, reviews, and the like.

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