Still a good talk on software quality

Jonathan Blow - Preventing the Collapse of Civilization

@cstrotm I love listening to Jonathan Blow, even if I don't always agree with everything he says. You can just copy a program to a system on linux, it's called AppImage. And his comment about the OS layer... without it there's a lot of things you couldn't just do across those systems, like accessing the hard drive would be different on each system if you tried to go direct instead of through the OS. Same for shaders. You would shift it from metal/hlsl/glsl to Nvidia/Intel/AMD/Adreno/Mali.

@kazriko AppImage is not an program, each AppImage is an mini operating system snapshot containing a program. It is bloat. That is what Jonathan is criticizing.

@cstrotm That's a container or a docker. AppImage is only a set of libraries, Data, and the executable in an image of a file system. It doesn't have the entire OS in it. This would be similar on DOS of compiling statically, then putting all your data inside the executable as well.


It is not the same. Linkers/Compilers on MS-DOS could remove code that is not referenced, so in a static binary you only ship the code that will be needed.

On AppImage, you will ship a lot of stuff that is never needed by the application.

That is the kind of regression Jonathan talks about.


@cstrotm That's a minor regression though, Not to mention that most applications on Dos still had installers anyway. It was pretty rare to find one that was a single file with no overlays or data files.

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