CEO of Visio at CES explains why Dumb TV is so much more expensive than Smart TV: "it’s not just about data collection. It’s about <b>post-purchase monetization of the TV". The privacy tax! I had to update

@zaitcev Though, it's hard to find dumb tvs anymore on BestBuy at least. there's a reasonable number of 1080p ones mostly store-brand models, but 4k ones are very scarce. 1 $550 Samsung one, and a moderate number of super expensive Magnolia ones.

@kazriko Best Buy was a lost cause. The only solution was Wal-Mart.

@zaitcev I think I'll end up getting an off brand Naxa TV if I buy one at all this year.

@kazriko Sometimes I wonder if there's a good DTV software for something like Myth (remember that)? Then, you don't even need  real TV and can continue using a monitor.

@zaitcev I don't know if all of these are Myth supported, but here's various tuner/pvr solutions.

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