CEO of Visio at CES explains why Dumb TV is so much more expensive than Smart TV: "it’s not just about data collection. It’s about <b>post-purchase monetization of the TV". The privacy tax! I had to update

@zaitcev Though, it's hard to find dumb tvs anymore on BestBuy at least. there's a reasonable number of 1080p ones mostly store-brand models, but 4k ones are very scarce. 1 $550 Samsung one, and a moderate number of super expensive Magnolia ones.

@kazriko Best Buy was a lost cause. The only solution was Wal-Mart.

@zaitcev I think I'll end up getting an off brand Naxa TV if I buy one at all this year.

@kazriko Sometimes I wonder if there's a good DTV software for something like Myth (remember that)? Then, you don't even need  real TV and can continue using a monitor.

@zaitcev Myth's still around, though the releases have slowed down. (Last stable one was 11 months ago.) There's modern TV tuner boxes that are standalone and network connected, so you can just log into them and watch digital ATSC OTA tv, and I think Myth supports recording TV from those as well. That's what I did back in 2006-2010ish, but then I basically dropped cable and stopped watching OTA entirely. I just have consoles hooked to monitors by HDMI, and use Streaming services now.

@zaitcev I don't know if all of these are Myth supported, but here's various tuner/pvr solutions.

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