"Why not walk down the wider path, using GNU/Linux as DOM0? Well, if you like the kernel Linux, by all means, do that! I prefer an well-engineered kernel, so I choose NetBSD."
"Unfortunately, NetBSD's installer now fails on many PCs from 2010 and later." "Update 2018-03-11: I have given up on NetBSD/Xen and now use Gentoo GNU/Linux/Xen instead. The reason is that I ran into stability problems which survived many NetBSD updates."
You have to have a heart of stone not to laugh out loud.

I'm finding this similar news a little distressing since I haven't had as good of experience on my 2 ZOL systems as my 1 ZFS FreeBSD system. It may be that I'm using the latter as just a file server, while trying to do work straight on the ZOL systems. My Linux btrfs file system from before was also just fine. phoronix.com/scan.php?page=new @zaitcev

@kazriko FreeBSD is a little more viable than NetBSD, so you're not in an immediate danger. But yeah. Ask @cks about this long-term ZFS plans.
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