I think I'm going to close this instance down soon. I'm now over at @kazriko now. Maybe I can reuse this vps for something more fun.

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Just as 1984 was not meant to be a Howto guide, no matter how much the political correctness crowd wants it to be, http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/30142 Little Brother is also not meant to be a howto guide, no matter how much the DHS is trying to make it one in Portland.

@deshipu You might find this one interesting, discussion of marketing.

"Red Bull Is Disgusting. And It Perfectly Captures Why Capitalism Is So Great." youtu.be/uX9SJSxO5WE

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https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/3933777 Lots of people were experimenting with leaving comments on YouTube containing "共匪", and this time it appears to work - unlike a number of these viral reports - and the comment gets deleted in less than a minute.
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The Ace Attorney series is just a Japanese retelling of My Cousin Vinny send toot

Darn, I've had a bag of Ultimate Albanese gummy bears in my shelf for over a month. Apparently the shelf life of those isn't particularly long. I'll have to remember to use them sooner next time. (They're better than the normal ones, but I've kept the normal ones on the shelf for 2-3 months before.)

I setup a Pleroma instance on another domain... and man is Pleroma awesome. I'm actually regretting setting up Mastodon here now. Wish there was a good migration mechanism.

Battleborn is completely broken on PS4, and they haven't even taken the servers down yet. I've completed episode 2 about 5 times, but it doesn't record the completion. I thought after giving it a month they might fix it, but it's still utterly broken.

(That doesn't even include the fact that they're different form-factor of cars, and the base model of the same form factor is even $4000 cheaper than the midsize.)

The electric company sent me an email about electric cars. They compared a midsized car vs an econobox electric. It didn't break even until 2 years... Then I looked closer and found that they had used a nearly base model electric price, vs a much more specced out midsized car. The price difference was about $9500 over the standard price on the midsized car, for a total difference of $12000 instead of $3000. Even their 5-year projection doesn't show you saving that much with the electric.

Every once in awhile I go digging around my memory for comics that I used to follow, but don't have in my RSS anymore. Today's one I dredged up was this one: wingsofchange.comicgenesis.com which went on Hiatus in 2007ish and never returned.

Enjoyed watching them wander around California looking for authentic chinese food. youtu.be/tzRTlnx0MCc

twitter.com/Scobleizer/statuse << An old tweet. This also explains why Microsoft refuses to put exfat on linux themselves. They're trying to make sure they can still sue people for using exfat on linux at some point in the future.

More just what the randomizer pulled up when I put thins on shuffle.

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③ today i bring you: an interactive visualization of the six trig functions, which imo makes them make way more sense than basically anything i've seen c.eev.ee/viz/trig-functions.ht

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