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Key takeaways from this incident are:

1/ Use unique email addresses with each organisation you share data with
2/ Don't share accurate information unless absolutely necessary
3/ Although my password was not breached, unique passwords are vital
4/ If you need to share a phone number, consider a second SIM and dual SIM phone or consider a service like mysudo
5/ Sign up to Troy Hunt's HIBP
6/ Exercise your rights under privacy legislation and complain when they are not upheld

2019 games, #1 One Piece Mansion, #2 Toejam and Earl Panic on Funkotron.

Oops, I haven't been keeping up on my game tracking here. #94: Tokyo Mirage Sessions, #95 Golden Axe II, #96 Streets of Rage, #97 Flicky, #98 Golden Axe III, #99, Suikoden 5. My second highest number of finished games in a year, only 1 short of last year. Probably blame Suikoden for that, took 82 hours to finish.

@zaitcev BTW, I think that Conception TV show was originally a (pretty lousy) game series.

Game #93 for 2018: Toejam and Earl. First time playing through it. about 4 hours to finish.

Game #92 for 2018, Super Mario Brothers 2. I'm pretty sure I never beat this game without a game genie back when I had it in the 80's, now I have.

Game #91 for 2018, Men's Room Mayhem. Been playing it off and on for 5 years, finally decided that I would just count it as done since I've done every bit of content in it.

Game #90 for 2018, World of Final Fantasy, final time 62:29:42

theregister.co.uk/2018/12/07/n I'm not sure I'd want to do this all the time with a connection because it would slow down connection times, but if you have a way to know that you're using a lot of server resources already, possibly due to a flood, then it could be useful to automatically turn this on in those instances. Of course, maybe you could defeat it by sending two connection packets from every client...

Was going to share the spotify wrapped thing, but unfortunately their link doesn't seem to work properly to show my data. I guess I'll just copy some pictures in instead. 13479 total minutes, with 148% more non-mainstream than average, and cdn.discordapp.com/attachments for my top 5's.

I've created my own instance. Lets see how long this lasts. :)

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